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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DC Bike Party is Tonight, With Lights!

DC Bike Party is back, winter style. The increasingly popular, mass, musical bicycle ride is back; this time with a cause and some post-ride fun. As always, the ride starts at Dupont, and will traverse about 7 miles though the District. This time, the end is the beginning, as the route terminates right back in the center of Dupont Circle. Bring a toy to hand over before the ride. Toys will be collected and given to the Children's National Medical Center. As always, bikers gather at 7:00PM, ride at 8. From the organizers:

DC Bike Party: Bike Lights, Big City is on December 11th. The party ride which averages between 500-700 participants each month, will ride through Washington, DC with bikes covered in bright, holiday lights. Before the ride, local band The Originators will be on site in Dupont Circle to collect toy donations for Children's National Medical Center. In exchange for toy donations, The Originators are giving out free tickets to their album release party on December 13th at Topicalia

DC Bike Party, a community organized group ride which held its first ride in July 2012, grew to over 700 riders in November of this year.

The group, departing from Dupont Circle, will set out to complete an approximately 7-mile ride, visiting some of the city’s major landmarks and attractions with a pit stop on Capitol Hill before ending with a celebration at Mad Hatter in Dupont. DC Bike Party participants will be treated to a free live show by local favorites, The Raised By Wolves and Traveler Beer specials all night!

A map of the complete route will be available at 24 hours before the ride. Riders are welcome to join or depart the group at any point—many riders use Capital Bikeshare.

Everyone is welcome to attend or participate. RSVP on Facebook using this link. Specifics below:

WHAT: DC Bike Party: Bike Lights, Big City
WHERE: Departs from the middle of Dupont Circle
WHEN: Wednesday, December 11th
Meet at 7:00 P.M.; Depart promptly at 8:00

More information on the organization, including details on future rides, is available at

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DC Bike Party "'Around the World" Ride Tomorrow

The folks at DC Bike Party have organized another group city ride. This is a "worldly" ride past some of DC's many embassies and this ride will take advantage of some great late-summer weather by crossing over the Arlington Memorial Bridge (which has unbelievable views at this time of day). The ride begins at Dupont Circle at 8:00 PM!

From the organizers:

"Continuing efforts to capitalize on Washington, DC’s large community of cycling enthusiasts, build friendships with like-minded individuals, and explore our nation’s capital, DC Bike Party will hold an “Around the World” ride to celebrate DC’s transplants from all over the United States and abroad. Riders are encouraged to represent their roots by wearing cultural outfits, or even a sports jersey from their home town. DC Bike Party, which held its first ride in July 2012, grew to over 650 riders in August of this year.

The group, departing from Dupont Circle, will set out to complete an approximately 8-mile ride, visiting some of the city’s major landmarks and attractions with a pit stop near the National Mall in between, before ending with a celebration at Acre 121 in Columbia Heights. Once the riders lock up and enter the bar they will enjoy a free live show from local artist Kokayi.

A map of the complete route will be available at 24 hours before the ride. Riders are welcome to join or depart the group at any point—many riders use Capital Bikeshare.

Everyone is welcome to attend or participate. Full details on the event are below:

WHAT: The DC Bike Party Around the World Ride
WHERE: Departs from the middle of Dupont Circle
WHEN: Wednesday, September 11th
Meet at 7:30 P.M.; Depart promptly at 8:00

More information on the organization, including details on future rides, is available at"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tour de Fat is Saturday. Yep. Tour de Fat.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the awesomeness of the party/carnival/revival/circus/parade that is Tour de Fat. There will be bikes. There will be music. There will be beer. And it's free.

Tour de Fat is hitting DC for the second year, happening this Saturday, June 1. Colorado's New Belgium Brewing is throwing this party in a dozen cities and we're the second stop on the 2013 circuit. Bikes have always been a big part of New Belgium, being both the inspiration for the company's founding and the most popular beer, Fat Tire; hence the name, Tour de Fat.

This looks so cool! The location is Yards Park in Southeast DC. This is adjacent to Nationals Park, and a stone's throw from the Navy Yard Metro station. Of course, they'll have a bike valet for those taking two wheel transport. 

The bike parade starts at 11:00 AM, the party continues at 12:00 and everything ends at 5:00 PM. Bands/Acts include: Beats Antique, The Moth (storytelling), DC's own BATALA, the Honeymoon Cabaret, do-it-all Scott Nery, AND MANY OTHERS.

There will be something called the Car for Bike Trade, which sounds awesome. One lucky person who pledges to give up their car, and go totally car free for one year, gets a $2,000+ stipend to purchase a commuter bike and accessories. Applicants must post a two minute video on the Tour de Fat FB page, explaining why they should be picked. Seriously, get on this people!

There will be food and a beer tasting tent, too (for those 21 years of age and older). Otherwise, the parade and festival are open to all ages. It's free, but you need to register before hand to ride in the parade. Several organizations stand to benefit, including Washington Area Bicyclist Association and Black Women Bike. SEE YOU THERE.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cherry Blossom Bike Ride is Tomorrow

DC Bike Party is leading a Cherry Blossom ride for bikers that happens to coincide with this great week of mid-70s spring temps. The ride will be about 10 miles. It starts in Dupont and ends at 1355 H Street NE : the Biergarten Haus. DC Bike Partiers will have special happy hour access to the roofdeck. Sweet. 

The ride will traverse the monuments on the Mall and of course the cherry blossom trees. There will be a short break in SW before heading on to H Street. DC Bike Party is encouraging everyone to wear their best (worst?) tourist wear for the ride, since you'll be partaking in the most tourist-tastic activity of the year, seeing the blossoms up close and personal.

This is not a race; everyone is welcome. 

From the organizers:

WHAT: DC Bike Party Cherry Blossom Chase

WHERE: Departs from the fountain of Dupont Circle

WHEN: Wednesday, April 10th. Meet at 7:30 PM, Depart at 8:00 PM

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sharrows on Mount Pleasant Street

Just noticed the new bicycle sharrows on Mount Pleasant Street NW last night. The sharrows (shared lane markings, featuring directional arrows) were requested from DDOT earlier this year. 

Bikers are allowed and encouraged to ride well into the lane away from parked cars and doors, especially when there is no formal bicycle lane available. The sharrows reinforce this lane availability to all users.

Mount Pleasant is home to three bike share stations and countless other individual bikers who travel up and down the main street each day. As one of those bikers, I'm happy to see the new markers on Mount Pleasant Street. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Conflict Areas" Get Green

Columbia Road NW approaching 18th Street.
The city has begun enhancing some bike lanes with green paint. Part of the mayor's long term transportation plan includes expanding the amount of bike lanes in the city from 56 to 61 total miles as well as adding these painted lanes. The paint will appear in "high conflict areas" between cars and bikes --intersections, merging areas, turn lanes-- calling attention to the possible presence of bikers in crucial and potentially dangerous areas. I like the idea applaud the city for taking the step.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey, Winter Biker

So happy to see DC riders biking the city well into the winter... what we've had of it anyway. Here, a Capital Bikeshare station at 5th and F Streets NW, near the National Building Museum. Keep riding DC, keep riding.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bike to Work Day is Tomorrow

Bike to Work Day! Friday May 20, 2011. This is every day for a lot of us. Capital Bikeshare has done a lot to make biking to work a more common occurrence here in DC. But even without the bike sharing program, causal cycling is on the rise in District and the city has been on a 10 year venture to improve bike infrastructure; both by innovating and borrowing ideas + best practices along the way.

Bike to Work Day is not a event exclusive to DC. It's national, taking place all this week. Regionally, Maryland and Virginia (suburbs of DC, at least) are taking part.

All the info you need is here, on WABA's Bike to Work Day page. For those wanting to join a convoy from Mount Pleasant to Freedom Plaza, the info is here (PDF). Basically, just meet at Lamont Park by 7:30AM. At that time the convoy will depart. You'll take Columbia Rd and 18th St through Adams Morgan, then T St to 17th, to the White House, and finally down 15th St to Freedom Plaza. For everyone else, there are 25+ convoys. Of course you can ride on your own, too. Ride safe! Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Capital Bikeshare Now in Mount Pleasant

Shame on me!  I was super skeptical last weekend when told that Capital Bikeshare would be ready for its September 20 launch.  1,000
bikes? 100 stations? No way!

Yes way!

And it's already here in Mount Pleasant. The new Capital Bikeshare station has been installed and is in service (sans bikes) right in our very own Lamont Park. The station is solar powered, the card reader is operational, signage is up and the automated bike dispensers are in place. Just awaiting the bikes!

One question I had was answered by visiting the station. I knew that a one-day membership was $5, but I wondered what CaBi (their abbreviation!) would do to insure riders returned the bike. Well, similar to a common car rental practice, CaBi will place a $101 hold on your credit card for a 24 hour membership until the 24 hour period is over.  Of course if you register for a longer term (30 days or 1 year), that won't be the case.  Your card will already be registered.  You'll get the bike for no cost for 30 minutes, then pay more depending on how long you keep the bike before docking it back in a station. According to Capital Bikeshare, they've signed up close to 1,000 members already.  They have an introductory offer of $50 for one year, down from the regular fee of $75.  Pretty cool.  Some photos:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mount Pleasant Part of New Bikeshare

BIXI bikestation. Photo by stevey
As expected, Mount Pleasant will receive a bike station under the District's new bike sharing system,  Capital Bikeshare. This bike share will replace the SmartBike DC system which currently houses 100 bikes at 10 stations.  The new stations will accommodate over 1,000 bikes all over the city and some in Arlington as well, via regional partnership.

Capital Bikeshare is based on the BIXI system (BIcycle + taXI = BIXI).  BIXI was first active in Montreal, then Vancouver, Boston, Minneapolis, even Europe and Australia.  Now it's on the way to DC.  The new bikes are awesome looking, although I liked the SmartBike DC bikes, too.  DDOT plans to have the bikes and stations operational by the end of fall this year.  I am highly skeptical, but hey, surprise me DDOT.  The Mount Pleasant station will be near Lamont Park or the corner of 17th and Mount Pleasant Streets NW.  Don't quite have the exact location, but perhaps in the park itself?  Or near the H8 bus shelter?  

There are three other stations within walking distance of Lamont Park; 14th and Irving, 16th and Columbia, Adams Mill and Lanier Place.  And below is the DDOT map with all of the station locations, including Arlington VA.  Exciting stuff!  For all of its troubles, DDOT is really adopting a forward thinking philosophy regarding transit by instituting these types programs (Circulator, Streetcar, Bikeshare, etc).  To that I say huzzah!

View Capital Bikeshare in a larger map

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike to Work, Rally Home

May is National Bike Month. And today is Bike to Work Day. Washington Area Bicyclist Association is obviously playing a large role today, hosting several events. Since most of us are commuting towards downtown Washington and not the other direction, most of the action is focused there or at least headed that way.

The Mount Pleasant bike convoy will depart for downtown DC from Lamont Park at 7:30AM. Like the other convoys, it will end at Freedom Park (14th and Penn Ave NW, in front of the Wilson Building). There will be refreshments, some giveaways, lots of other bikers and a few speakers. I think Fenty was there last year?

After a hard days work, get back on that bike and head home. If you're coming back to Mount P, make a short detour over to our neighbors in Columbia Heights for a WABA sponsored end of day-start of weekend rally. That's at the 14th and Park Plaza.

There are more and more bikers sharing the road, not just in DC, but in urban, suburban and rural areas all over the U.S. Yes, the bike-vs-car story is so old and there have been so many stories and hyperbole over that issue. But events like today's bike to work day are a positive way to reinforce that bike transport is pretty much here to stay in the United States and we should do our best to accommodate riders, promote bike friendly policy and ensure safety of drivers and bike riders. Be open to making that happen. Good riding people.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bike Lanes in the Federal City

What a great sight. Bike lanes on Pennsylvania Ave. Now, these obviously aren't the first bike lanes to be installed in downtown DC. And yes, there are even bike sharing stations just blocks from "America's Main Street." But, to see such a major thoroughfare, a part of L'Enfant's plan, striped with lanes meant specifically for bikes is such a huge statement. A statement that bicycles are a viable, important and crucial part of the transportation network.

Pennsylvania Avenue between 15th Street NW and the United States Capitol Building was no treat for bikers before. In addition to the previous lack of marked lanes, the street is heavily traveled by commuter and local buses and can be intimidating because it is so wide and generally very busy.

The new lanes occupy the middle of the road, which was, for the most part, an unmarked median before. New signage directs bicyclists to follow designated traffic signals and to use the pedestrian crosswalks when making turns. I love it! A great message sent to bikers and drivers, living DC and visiting from beyond: Biking should be a safe, efficient and promoted mode of travel in the nation's capital. This is the work of the city by the way. Thanks DC.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Prestigious Euro Bike Race Coming to DC

Everyone knows of Tour de France. It's the bike race of bike races. The two other races on par with the Tour de France are Vuelta a España and the Giro d'Italia. One of those races is coming to DC! The Giro d'Italia organizers have decided to stage one portion in the District of Columbia. If all goes well, in May of 2012, the streets in front of the White House, National Mall, Wilson Building, National Archives, Kennedy Center, Rock Creek Park and Arlington National Cemetery will close for some of the world's best riders. Last year's total race distance was 3,418 km, or about 2,124 miles!

The prologue, or first stage, of the May/June race will be held in DC and the riders would then fly back to Italy to resume the remainder of the race after a full day of rest. The racing in DC would be for one day only.

This is an attempt to grow the sport of cycling outside of the European continent. Sort of like what the NFL tried with the World League of American Football, but not as garish and bloated. And in a much smaller dose. Stupid Americans. I kid, I kid. Hold the hate mail.

DC will appreciate the Giro and if we can pull this thing off, I see multiple visits in out future. Maybe Lance should start getting ready now.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Champlain Street-Marie Reed Underpass

Finally had a chance to go see the new Champlain Street-Marie Reed School underpass this weekend. Previously, Champlain Street NW in Adams Morgan was interrupted by a pedestrian only underpass at Marie Reed School. The school straddles both sides of Champlain Street. On the other side of the interrupting island was a street called Old Morgan School Pl. Old Morgan School Pl continued south and connected at an intersection with Florida Avenue.

The area around the former pedestrian way was often dimly lit and sketchy, although it was adjacent to the busy Reed city pool entrance and the school playground. It was known as a trouble spot for as long as I can remember. Not a place you would want to be alone after a certain hour.

But opening the street up to vehicular traffic --along with more lighting and a bike path-- has livened up the immediate vicinity. Its not nearly as intimidating as before. The new car lane is one way, southbound. And it's closed to traffic during school days (until 3:30pm), which makes sense. Bicyclists get a "sharrow" lane with the southbound cars and also get their own contraflow lane in the northbound direction. The northbound bike lane is not protected from cars in the adjacent lane (unlike the buffered 15th Street southbound bike lane). We'll have to rely on drivers slowing down and bikers keeping a straight and steady hand at the wheel.

This has to be great news for residents of all the new-ish condos and apartments on Champlain Street as well as the long time residents. An easier route to Florida Ave and generally greater traffic flow through the neighborhood. Great job by the city on this one.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photos: Bikes Away

From last Friday's Jazz in the Garden. 7th and Constitution NW, every Friday this summer. What a wonderful sight. I love DC.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bicycle Transit Center Coming Along

The Union Station Bicycle Transit Center is slowly taking shape. The District's attempt at making the multi-modal transit center of union Station even better is about to take a giant leap forward. The Center will be able to securely house 180 bikes, parked inside. Outside there will be room for 30 additional parked and secured bikes.

The structure will encompass 1700+ square feet including some retail. The retail portion will include administrative space, bike rental and even bike repair. During business hours attendants will control access to the building. After hours, bike owners will have access to the inside space, and their bikes, by way of access card. Pretty neat! There will be some type of membership system. Initial rates were supposed to be something like $100 per year, or $1 per day to park. Cheap considering the convenience of knowing your bike is safely parked. I'm betting a SmartBike DC location won;t be far off, or part of the Center proper. Go DDOT! Keep it coming.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Car Free Day Festivities

The lunch-time celebration was a little subdued, but on point. There were plenty o' demonstrations, sign ups with Zip Car and WABA, make your own smoothie (by pedaling a bike), the new Metrobus and glimpses of what a careless pedestrian thoroughfare would look like (F St NW between 7th and 9th). Traffic didn't seem to be too affected, so I don't see why closing F Street to normal vehicle traffic would be that controversial. But I digress. Nice effort by the city and other interested parties to promote this idea.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bike to Work Day is Tomorrow

Well, I guess this is officially considered late notice, but Bike to Work Day is tomorrow, May 16th! The day is recognized by communities all over the nation. In the DC region the related events are being organized, of course, by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. WABA is promoting the ride in several ways, including caravan rides from points across the entire Washington area. One of the caravan rides leaves from Mount Pleasant! Bright and early, at 7:30am, an official WABA representative will lead a convoy of bikers downtown to Freedom Plaza (14th and Penn). Meet the convoy at Lamont Park. I guess you can veer off on your own if you really need to get to work, but there will be festivities and food of some sort at Freedom Plaza. The path actually follows my bike-as-a-workout path down Columbia Rd, through Dupont and in front of the White House. Sadly I may bike later, alone since it doesn't take me two hours to get to work. I will bike though! If you can, try it out. It's better than taking the Metro or bus (except for the 42). But yeah, much better than the S buses or the 50s buses. Please don't get me started on the H1 bus.... Maybe see you on the roads tomorrow!