Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pittsburgh: A Photo Essay

I spent much of last week in Pittsburgh PA, a great American city. This was my first visit and I loved it! Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip. The drive was a beast, but I'll be back. It was well worth the trip.

Steel City. Really, a very beautiful town.
Gateway subway station. There are only 4 downtown stations.
A train departing Station Square in South Side Pittsburgh.
The Monongahela Incline has operated since the 1870. It's run by the Port Authority.
Warhol Museum on North Side is 7 stories of amazing art (by Warhol and others).
Great views from Mt. Washington.
Great views of Mt. Washington.
There were SO MANY parking lots and parking towers. And skywalks.
A city of steel. But also, bridges.
Pittsburgh has a waterfront baseball park, just like the District.
Several very good, vegan friendly restaurants, including Zenith, which is also an antique & thrift store.
I was kind of sad to leave, but I'll be back. Thanks PGH.