Monday, July 8, 2013

My Favorite DC Restaurants

Pizzeria Paradiso, an all-time DC favorite of mine.
A few days ago, someone asked me to name my favorite restaurant in the District. I have to admit I was at a loss. I could not. There's plenty to like, for all manner of different reasons, but I couldn't say definitively which was my favorite. All I could come up with was a list of places I liked for their food quality, value for the money, consistency, service or just plain comfort. And obviously, vegan friendliness.

So, I haven't been to every establishment in the District. And I'm surely forgetting a few I've eaten at over the last 10+ years. But, as far as I can tell, here are my favorite restaurants in the District based on the very basic criteria of:

1) they serve vegan food
2) great food quality + consistency 
3) good service + staff likability
4) the prices match the product
5) people watching + attracts a good crowd

Pizzeria Paradiso
Harmony Cafe
Busboys and Poets
Sticky Rice
Everlasting Life / Woodlands
Adam Express
Dukem Ethiopian
Sticky Fingers Bakery

Honorable Mention
Pho 14
Meridian Pint
Food for Thought
Rice / DC Noodles
Thai Tanic
Habesha Market and Carry-Out
Science Club
Absolute Thai
Daikaya Ramen

Only Been Once, Want to Go Again
Elizabeth's Gone Raw
Sushi Taro
Thai X-ing
Toki Underground

Cafe Green
Java Green