Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hold the Phone

This has nothing to do with Mt Pleasant, but it really affects us as a whole, nationally I mean. Of course I'm talking about the "arrival" of the Victoria Beckham, known as Posh. She was quite stunning on the Tonight show last night and I stayed up late just to catch the episode. Forget about David. He is a great footballer and I hope he sells tickets for the MLS, they need the fans, but what about Posh?

The Beckhams recently moved to Lost Angeles so David could revive his soccer career and cash in on about 250$ Million worth of LA Galaxy soccer money. Pretty staggering. Remember "Bend it Like Beckham?" He's become a star and icon in his own right. But let's be honest, he married up in the world.

After Sporty, Posh was my favorite Spice Girl. Well, after Scary Spice, and if Ginger hadn't quit, she'd be after Ginger as well. Regardless, her arrival is well worth the media fanfare, paparazzi , web chatter, and the boys-fainting-at-a-glimpse sort of reactions I know you've witnessed over the last few days. I didn't faint, but was moved enough to register for tickets to the Spice Girls reunion tour. The closest show to DC is in New York City. Meh. I'll make the trip. It's worth the stretch.