Thursday, September 20, 2007

Circa at Dupont

On a whim we decided to pay a visit to one of Dupont's newest restaurants, Circa. Its on the 42 bus route on Connecticut Ave at Q Street; right across the street from the northern Metro entrance. Wrap Works was there previously. This place is a liiiiiiiittle bit more swank.

We went on a Thursday at about 8:00 pm. The wait for a table was quoted as 30 minutes and we took a seat at the bar to get a drink. There are two large flat screen TVs in the place. The one above the bar was showing college football, the other (must have been a 52 inch!) at the far end of the restaurant was showing Top Gun. Val Kilmer was looking pretty good and Tom Cruise, well, it was before he went off the deep end. The background music was at an appropriate level and was all OVER the place stylistically. We heard the Cardigans, Tom Petty, Bob Marley, Elton John and even some 50s rock. And the wait was really only about 20 minutes. The staff were really nice! The hostesses were very small, nice 20 year old ladies. Our waiter was very peasant and answered all our questions about what was vegan and how this and that tasted etc.

The chef made a special vegan pasta (so nice!, so delicious!) which we loved. The wine we ordered from the bar was recommended by staff and awesome. A New Zealand sauvignon blanc. Can't remember the name. Oddly, Circa has a full service coffee bar as well, which I'll have to try another time. It's affiliated with Greenberry's, the Virginia-based company. And next time we'll have to sit outside on the patio. There's a pic below. Need to get on that before winter strikes.

I have to give this place a thumbs up. I'm sure the Dupont Circle fans who want the neighborhood to reclaim its spot as the top night-life hood in the city really like this place. G-town and (atrociously) Adams Morgan now wear the crowns of DC night life Kings and Queens. I don't know if I like the idea of Dupont going all upscale black cocktail dress on me, but at least there's another place to have a nice fancified dinner when you're in the mood.