Friday, December 7, 2007

Ward 8 Gets a Giant Boost

Today, Ward 8 awoke to a reality that it hasn't been experienced in many years. The residents of the ward awoke today being able to drive or walk to a supermarket without leaving their community. Since the late 1990s and much of the 2000s residents in this ward, which is east of the Anacostia River, could not make groceries (Southerners know that's not a grammatical error). That is, they couldn't make them without driving to Maryland or another ward. No longer. Ward 8 just welcomed the largest Giant grocery store in the District. With a little help from the City Council, including Barry, a champion of these sorts of projects, the city was able to lure the grocer to the ward. Residents were more than ready for such a basic amenity since the last major grocer closed shop nearly 10 years ago. Much love for Ward 8 from Ward 1. And all of us who live along the 42 bus route, should thank our lucky stars that we have SEVERAL full service groceries and just as many bodegas, convenience and pharmacies, practically at our footsteps.