Sunday, January 13, 2008

OK, Warehouse Next Door ISN'T Moving to Columbia Heights

Last August I wrote on the news that the arts and music venue Warehouse Next Door was moving to Columbia Heights. Looks like that news was premature. The Dupont Current reports that the move to the old Bi-Rite convenience store on 11th St NW is off. Apparently the move was prohibitive in some way; too much renovation, cost, or other reasons. Paul Ruppert, the owner of Warehouse, wants to find another space for the venue, but isn't sure exactly where. The article notes that the Ruppert family, which owns the 7th St building in which the Warehouse is currently located, is looking for more lucrative tenants for the space because of real estate taxes. If the family has to sell the building for tax reasons, that should show the fault of city tax code and its support for small business. Local business owners and home owners have been battered by rising taxes over the last few years and even the best of the best, like Ben's Chili Bowl, have suffered. Good luck to Paul Ruppert in his serch for a new venue space. Hey Paul, don't forget about spaces along the 42 bus!