Monday, February 4, 2008

I Guess We Should Have Known

Yoly's Variety is no more. Yoly's was a small boutique store on Mt Pleasant Street, selling mostly women's and children's clothing. It closed shop a few weeks ago and was recently replaced by, wait for it..... a psychic reader. A psychic reader? A clothing store is replaced by a palm reader. Hardly seems fair, or logical.

And I mean, well; gee... Uhm. This is a little bit awkward. See, I haven't ever visited a palm reader and probably never will. And I don't know everything there is to know about Mount Pleasant, but something tells me that there aren't enough patrons in the neighborhood to support such an endeavor. Yah, sorry about that palm reader. Doesn't look like its going to work out between you and us. Just sad really. At least they managed to obtain a phone number with 666 in it. That's a plus there. For the record, they're able to delve into you past, present AND future. All three for $5. Yep. Just not right, really. Any way you cut it. Pains me to even say it, but Psychic Reader is located at 3107 Mt Pleasant St NW.