Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In Like Flint: Screening at the National Building Museum

As part of their "Bachelor's, Secretaries, and Spies" film series, the National Building Museum will be showing the classic, spy-spoof film, In Like Flint. The showing will be held this Wednesday, February 20. In this James Coburn flick from the late 1960s, Flint tries to stop a rogue group --bent on, what else, world domination-- from brainwashing the women of the world and replacing the President of the United States with one of their own. The movie plays like a pre-Austin Powers and spoofs many features of the James Bond series.

The "Bachelors, Secretaries, and Spies" series was put on by the National Building Museum to examine the portrayal of modernism in mid-century American film. In Like Flint is the last in the series. The other two films were The Best of Everything and The Moon is Blue. The event starts at 6:30pm and will feature an introduction by Ann Hornaday from the Washington Post with other guests. Unlike going out to see most movies, you're encouraged to bring your own seating, blanket and food to this film. Cost: $10.00