Thursday, April 10, 2008

Potbelly Open... Yawn

Potbelly Sandwich Works is open at Highland Park. The sandwich and soup purveyor is the first of six restaurants to open in the new apartment high-rise located at the corner of 14th and Irving Streets NW. Not the most exciting news. Last night the place was very busy and I imagine it will be from now on. People love this restaurant for some reason. I guess I missed the boat. I mean, sandwiches. Great. Soup. Salad. Sounds good. "Fast casual" has hit Columbia Heights.

Next to open looks to be Pete's Appiza, adjacent to Potbelly. Supposedly appiza (or New Haven style pizza) is distinct from regular pizza, but I can't tell the difference by sight. Looks like a regular pie with a very thin crust. I'm very curious about this place though. I like Red Rocks on 11th Street and Radius on Mt Pleasant, but can appreciate another quality pizza restaurant in the area. Maybe I'll actually finish the No Cheese Thin Crust Pizza Wars series I started months ago. Yay for food! But not sandwiches...