Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reasons to Be Car Free in DC #2: Bikes

We're getting better at the whole marking off lanes for bikes thing. Not there quite yet, but making progress. DC is an incredibly walkable town and I'm convinced it'll be an incredible biking town one day. Driving; yes, for some its a necessity, and who among us doesn't like being out on the open road every now and then? But no one likes idling at K and 20th during rush hour, inching up slowly after the second green light has come and gone. And remember when your friend came to visit and you forgot to tell them to not turn onto 18th street that Friday night? Yeah, you spent 20 minutes driving from Columbia Road to Belmont and still didn't find parking. I bike downtown and regularly beat both the 42 and S2 buses to Metro Center. Here's a cool article form City Desk too, on a neat experiment in NY: Some Reasons the Bike Always Wins. Anyway, its settled, having a bikeable city is another reason to be car free in DC.