Friday, June 6, 2008

Reasons to Be Car Free in DC #3: Transit

Metro is providing 1.2 million trips per day by bus and subway. Pretty amazing! That number is growing now, of course, with $4.00 gas and not much relief on the horizon. I feel gleefully ignorant, not owning a car, but when we rented one to travel over the Memorial Day weekend, I realized that having a car sucks right now. Sorry for all of you that have to drive to work, or drive the kids to school, or whatever. Almost every trip has to be justified now.

Feel lucky that we have one of the best transit systems in the nation. Yes, as much as you hate on Metro, it provides an invaluable and mostly reliable service. Now a lot of folks who travel distances long and short are trying Metro and regional transit systems for the first time, or after a long lapse. Transit, more than ever making it apparent that its a great reason to be car free in DC.