Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Possible Slowdown of Mt P Library Renovation

Thanks to DC North for keeping us so informed about this.

The DC Public Library services has gotten a fair amount of flack over the last year with slow to non-existent library renovation and replacement, threats of closing libraries outright, and breaching the idea of closing all libraries one day a week due to staffing issues.

The Mount Pleasant Library will definitely close for at least 24 months in order for its renovation work to be completed. The question is when the work will start. The upgrades will involve making the library completely ADA compliant, adding natural light and boosting the technological capabilities for staff and visitors. There would be some sort of temporary facility and services at a to be determined location while the renovations are on going.

Earlier this year DCPL presented renovation plans to citizens for review. Since the library is the only library in Ward 1 (that was a surprise to me) the ANC 1D would like the city to hold off on starting renovations so community members ward-wide are able to have a say. Other groups and the city would like to get started sooner rather than later. I understand both viewpoints. 1. Go ahead and get started if there is a complete plan already in place. --or-- 2. Hold on, not everyone who will be affected has had a chance to give input. I guess I'm more on a number 1. person, let's get moving on this thing. But, the final decisions have yet to be made. Stay tuned...