Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reasons to Be Car Free in DC #8: The Real Pink Slip

To be honest I have no idea how much parking tickets are in DC! I have never gotten one. When I delivered food for a restaurant in my hometown, I collected about 20 tickets over 3 years. Since parking in a loading zone or no parking zone in Richmond was only $12, my employer paid many of the tickets. Otherwise, I paid out of my tips. Not so bad and just a danger of the job. Eventually though, I got towed.

At that time Richmond city didn't boot cars, they took towed cars to a private lot in one of the worst neighborhoods. It was on the edge of the city and I'm pretty sure blocks away form a bus line. The owners of the lot were surly and kept irregular hours which weren't posted. They charged more to pay with a credit card and each day your car sat on the lot, the fee increased. A compete nightmare! However it taught me to not get tickets and pay them promptly when I did get them. I paid in hard earned cash and considered the tow lot to be one of the greatest rackets in the city.

DC has the boot, but not having a car, I honestly, and thankfully have no frame of reference how large of a price one pays for breaking parking laws here. How much are tickets? How much of a beast is that wheel boot? I'm curious.