Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eat the Rich

I want a piece of the bailout/rescue plan/giveaway. I want the government to buy a stake in my to-be-named business. I want to secure a loan off $85bill. I want a piece of the action.

What if our government decided that just 1% (one per cent) of that $700,000,000,000 was dispersed among, say, 2,000 small business owners, or better, entrepreneurs. That one per cent would equal $700,000,000; seven hundred million dollars. Divided among 2,000 small business owners/entrepreneurs would equal $350,000 per person. If spread out evenly that's about 40 business owners per state and the District. If 40 entrepreneurs in DC received $350,000 each, I bet at least one would be from Mount Pleasant. Let's suspend reality for a second:

How would you use $350,000 to better the neighborhood? I would reopen one, or if possible, two of the storefronts on Mount Pleasant Street. There are a few to choose from: former Mt Pleasant Supermarket, former Express Business Center, former Super Save, former Speed Wash to name a few. But if retail/restaurant is the answer, then what? Restaurants are pretty much covered: we've got Korean, Chinese, American, Salvadorean, Guatemalan, pizza, pupuserias and more. We already have businesses for dry cleaning, apparel sales, jewelry sales, shoe repair, hair cuts, banks, beer and liquor sales and groceries. Check, check and check.

No in all seriousness, what would you provide as an entrepreneur with $350,000 burning a whole in your pocket? A bike store on Mt Pleasant Street? A vegan eatery? A vegan cart? (see post below) A free bus to take Mt P residents across the ravine to Cleveland Park? Larger farmer's market? Street improvements? Another bodega? Art gallery? Arcade? Community center? There are a ton of options. I will stick with my idea of opening up one of the vacant storefronts. To what, well I'll leave that to your suggestions.