Monday, October 20, 2008

First Visit to Himalayan Heritage

In my mind of minds, it seems fair to visit a restaurant and eat a few times before mentioning it on the blog, but since Himalayan Heritage gave a pretty good presentation all around, I'll give them some positive reinforcement, even after just one trip.

The restaurant just opened a few weeks ago in Adams Morgan. Its at 2305 18th Street NW, just above Kalorama St. A quick jaunt up the stairs and you enter an interior space that beats expectations based on the exterior; the frontage is crowded by the front doors and signs from other businesses that share the building. The interior for HH is warm and does a good job at making you forget that the place is on busy 18th Street. There are windows onto Kalorama though, so its still connected to the neighborhood.

Plenty of vegetarian and vegan food on the menu including appetizers. I had a Nepalese dish, a new adventure for me. Most of the Nepalese dishes looked similar to Indian food. The spices and flavoring were certainly similar. The service was like that of most new ambitious places; attentive servers, always full glasses of water, constant checking in, an inquiry by the manager (owner?), and a free appetizer of spicy soy beans. Anyway, there were only six or eight occupied tables, so perhaps the extra attention was due to the desire to please; it was welcome.

Jyoti, another Adams Morgan Indian food restaurant has nothing to fear just yet. But now, there is at least some competition in the neighborhood for this type of food. And I'm always happy when another vegan friendly sit down restaurant opens on the 42 bus line.