Monday, November 24, 2008

Wok and Roll

Just wanted to give a shout out to Wok and Roll, a decent, if non-spectacular lunch and dinner spot in Chinatown. Its on "Chinablock," located at 604 H Street NW, about 3 blocks from the nearest 42 bus stop. Wok and Roll seems to be one of the main-stays on the block, which does include a few other Chinese, or at the very least Asian inspired, restaurants.

There must be a dozen or more restaurants across the country with this not-so-clever play on words name. But, it actually fits the place. Wok and Roll is not white tablecloth dining. Its an average, but consistent Americanized Chinese food restaurant. They've thrown in a few Japanese dishes, mostly consisting of the sushi menu, to round out the wide variety of offerings.

I usually go for lunch, but have been for dinner many times over the years. The vegetarian selection is on par with other Chinese establishments in DC, including our very own Mayflower in Mt Pleasant. Their vegetarian menus are almost identical. Wok and Roll is very popular during lunch; they offer smaller sized portions of popular regular dishes for $5.50 and $6.50. Nothing better than a sit down lunch that clocks in under $10.00. That's getting harder to come by these days. Recession special I guess. I hope the pricing sticks around. Service is fine and the staff is always attentive, etc.

They do seem to shine on the sushi. For am establishment which is average all around, the sushi is always a pleaser. Again, for vegetarians, they aren't offering anything that can't be had elsewhere. But, one can get a decent roll or two featuring fresh cucumber, avocado, radish, mushroom and asparagus. I'll take seaweed salad from anywhere and warm edamame pretty much wins me over without a fight, too.

One of the neatest things about Wok and Roll has nothing to do with the food. The building was at one time occupied by a boarding house run by Mary Surratt. Surratt was one of the convicted and executed co-conspirators in Abraham Lincoln's assassination. She was captured by federal police while asleep in the building.