Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keeping Tabs

A few news stories:

Hardly necessary to take a cab from Adams Morgan to Mount Pleasant, but if you really need to on the weekends, its now "easier." A story about the mandatory, new cab stands on 18th Street (pictured left). Recipe for disaster? And you thought there were too many petty fights on this block already.

If your dream condo went all rental on you before you could buy it, you'll appreciate this NYT article. Its about a couple of projects on 14th Street NW. Turns out U Street and Columbia Heights weren't quite ready for $1+ million condos. Shocking.

Triple the attendance, smaller budget? The Fed appropriations for President Obama's 2009 Inauguration total $15.0 million. That's $2.3 million less than the final cost of President Bush's 2005 event, which drew about 300,000 people. More than 1 million are expected for Obama. Doesn't add up to me. But, I was a poli sci major, so math isn't my strong suit.

Prime, barren, potential office space at Connecticut and K, which I wrote about last week, finally gets construction financing. Maybe the planned parking lot on that site is no longer necessary. $194,000,000 of guaranteed income tends to lessen the need to nickel and dime desperate parkers.