Friday, January 23, 2009

Keeping Tabs: All Over the Place Edition

**The New York Times often writes better articles about the District than some of our local papers. Here's a great one about the emerging restaurant scene in the "real DC."

**Turns out that great classical music piece performed at the inauguration was not as great as it appeared.

**Trying to simplify the trip form NW to the H Street NE area, the businesses there have teamed with the District to offer a new shuttle originating in Gallery Place. Whatever happened to the streetcar plan?

**I sometimes forget that we have our very own state university, the University of the District of Columbia. They are expanding and will soon offer programs on a community college campus. They may seek to partner with Southeastern University, the small, private school located on I Street SW.

**A bunch of folks with tickets didn't get into the inaugural ticketed area. Is it me, or did everyone with Purple problems get the tix unexpectedly "from a friend at the last minute." Hmmmm. Maybe the generous one's were the smart ones.

**Also from the NYT, a columnists waxes poetic about how nice we all were to each other this week. Perhaps it had something to do with the exit of a certain Boy King.