Monday, January 19, 2009

Photos: Inaug Concert

Metro was fine. We even had seats on the way back up on the green line.

Security was surprisingly a breeze. Got there at 1:30pm and staked out a decent spot.

Did anyone else notice the strange and awkward sequence with the eagle and its handler? I really wanted it to be released. I don't know the purpose of having it there. Anyone?

I was interviewed by a TV station from Alabama. Worst questions ever! I guess they're just handing out journalism degrees for nothing these days. When asked who I was there to see I said "uh... the President-elect." She says "No, I mean aren't you excited about the music? Who are the performers you want to see." So I chumped out and gave the usual guy answer: Beyoncé. Nice. Too late to take it back I guess.

The "pre-show" invocation by Gene Robinson was not aired on television. Weird, as it was the only live portion of the "pre-show" and was a rather good speech.

Best performance: Toss up between John Mellencamp and Garth Brooks. Brooks wins in a coinflip. He got the crowd moving and dancing! Long way for a guy with a seriously creepy alter ego. I mean, who even remembers Chistopher Gaines. I mean, really. No one.