Monday, February 23, 2009

Angelico Pizzeria in Mount Pleasant

Another pizza restaurant is coming to Mt Pleasant. The neighborhood dining scene will soon include Angelico, la Pizzeria. Angelico's has a DC restaurant in Tenleytown and apparently has another planned for H Street NE. The Mt Pleasant Street address is 3205. It was the formerly the home of Philly Steak Grill, which I never actually had a chance to visit.

Angelico will join Radius, Pete's, and Red Rocks in the quest to serve up good pizza to midtown residents. The Angelico's space is pretty small. Don't expect table service (pure speculation however) or alcohol sales. The Tenleytown location sells pizza by the slice, but only until 5:00pm. That menu also includes many non-pizza options. There are calzones, pastas, wraps, sandwiches and desserts. Hopefully the Mount Pleasant location keeps as diverse a menu. And hopefully there's something for the vegans. Couldn't find an opening date, perhaps early spring? May they fare better than the Philly Steak Grill.