Thursday, February 26, 2009

California Tortilla + Ramones = Pretty Good Lunch

I really have come to love this place over the years. Always popular with my coworkers and probably some of your coworkers, California Tortilla is an extremely popular lunch spot in Penn Quarter on 7th Street. There are others; its a local chain, which I believe is franchised by individual owners at each location. Anyway there are several reasons I have come to rely on "CalTor" (sometimes the shortening of words phenomenon goes too far) for a satisfying lunch.

Well, first they have vegan food. Pretty simple; veggie burritos, soft tacos, decent ships and salsa and some soups. Second, and actually most important, IT'S CHEAP. My usual lunch is $6.35. And third it's close to work and you can be in and out within a few minutes.

The bonus though, is they always have pretty good music on! Usually there's a steady diet of 80s. But yesterday they broke out a Ramones song, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend. Then back to the 80s, but good 80s. There was some R.EM. and the Police and even Phil Collins. I guess they use one of the satellite radio services, but whatever it is, keep it on that channel. Love it.