Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obama, Rumsfeld, Dupont, Columbia Heights

Somehow, not catching the bus is news. Donald Rumsfeld couldn't get on a crowded 42 bus yesterday. It was too full. See what happens when you try to get on at Dupont? Well, it was reported as news. Not sure if it is news, but it was reported as news. Apparently he had the druthers to just walk to his destination. Damn, what a low bar to have to jump over. Talk about expectations.

Closer to Mt Pleasant (actually in Columbia Heights) was a surprise visit to Capital City Public Charter School by President Obama and the First Lady, Michele Obama. Capital City is just a block from Mount Pleasant, at the corner of 15th and Irving Streets NW. Here is a rather unremarkable clip of the Obamas reading to a class. Out of a book. Fascinating.