Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jury's Upgrades, Becomes The Dupont Hotel

My parents' hotel of choice when visiting DC was always Jury's Washington in Dupont. It's at 1500 New Hampshire Ave NW. They love the neighborhood and the hotel was well above average in accommodations. And Jury's didn't break the bank. Plus they had the homey Biddy Mulligan's on the first floor. Not my cup of tea, but better than a normal hotel bar. I never had a meal at the Dupont Grille (it closed, but it was on the 1st level of the hotel as well). However, my parents ate there and liked it. Both Biddy's and Dupont Grille have already been replaced with new iterations named Bar Dupont and Cafe Dupont. French inspiration for the cafe and more of a modern look for the bar.

The name of the hotel is changing, too; it now goes by The Dupont Hotel. Pretty simple. The rooms are in the process of being renovated and the biggest change is that a complete 9th floor is being added to the building. Right on top. The website promises $119 weekend rooms, subject to availability. Not bad, considering rates during Jury's last days were $99 on internet special. The new hotel is partially open now and should fully open by July.