Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Long Road

Well, can anything beat a twilight stroll through the neighborhood? I don't think so. The streets are still busy; workers coming home, workers leaving home, happy hour revelers, sports bar patrons, business owners working and dog walkers, well, walking. I love walking Mt Pleasant's streets and had a pretty sweet one last night.

Just kept going actually and ended up in Adams Morgan. Took in a little people watching and started back to the hood. I was tempted to catch a 42, but with only a few blocks walk, I passed it up and took my time. Forget sitcom reruns, gossip websites, nightly news and yes, blogs. Walking the town is free, refreshing and reminds one of why its so great to live here, and free. Here's to soaking up the early spring weather and soaking up the beat of the street.