Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mystery DCUSA Build Out is Desi's Chicken

Been wondering about the mystery build out on the Park Road façade of DCUSA? There's been internal HVAC and other work going on for about a month now. Looks like some questions are being answered. The work is most likely in preparation for Desi's Chicken, a local Peruvian restaurant.

Desi's was an original tenant of DCUSA. That is, it was included in all the pre-opening press materials as one of the local/small business which would be a part of the massive, mall like shopping center. Ellwood Thompson's is the other recent "local" addition (they hail form Richmond, VA).

Desi's ,if it is actually going to be called that, will occupy space 121, between the Park Rd parking lot entrance and the Mattress Discounters. Looking at the diagram below (h/t Columbia Heights News), its clear that the original leasing plans for DCUSA are still inching towards completion.

Obviously Ellwood's will take the place of a previously drooled over Whole Foods. Bank of America replaced Suntrust as the on-site bank, and Starbucks decided to open across the street to the Kenyon Square building. There is no Petco, and Children's Place moved to a much better spot, right at 14th and Kenyon. McDonald's, Cingualr (AT&T) Wireless, Quizno's and Casual Male never made it for whatever reasons. Quizno's is still featured on the DCUSA website (along with Desi's). There was, briefly, some "opening soon" signage for a Maggie Moo's (next to Marshall's) but they never opened. I assume the leasing agents are working on alternatives for the businesses which were part of the original plan but haven't made the jump. Any ideas for what should go in the empty spaces?