Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walk for Our Neighbors, 3145 Residents

Nearly one year to the day of a tragic fire on Mt Pleasant Street NW-- our Main Street-- there are few answers, hidden, or in plain view. The 3145 Mt P Street building sits as empty of a shell as it was a day after the fire. A single security guard is the only inhabitant night after night. The jersey barriers out front seem almost normal at this point. I hardly notice the mini crater and vast low lying pile of bricks just beyond the facade of the burned-out building. It could almost pass an occupied structure at first glance.

Well, tonight, there is a small event commemorating the passing of one year since this terrible tragedy. The announcement from Hear Mount Pleasant:

We all remember the horrible events of last March when a fire raged through 3145 Mt. Pleasant St, displacing more than 200 residents from one of Mt. Pleasant's oldest buildings. Hear Mount Pleasant along with many other neighborhood groups and individuals worked hard to offer support and resources to the displaced tenants after the fire. We would now like to invite you to join us in gathering to support the tenants of 3145 Mt. Pleasant St once again, this time to mark the anniversary of the fire.

Please join the Tenants of 3145 Mt. Pleasant Street for a Community Mass and Walk to 3145 Mt. Pleasant Street to pay homage to their still empty home.

THURSDAY, MARCH 12th, 2009 Schedule of Events:

6:30pm Community Mass at Sacred Heart Church
(16th St NW and Sacred Heart Way NW)

7:30pm Commemorative Candlelight Walk to 3145 Mt. Pleasant Street

8:00pm Ceremony of Thanks
(At intersection of Kenyon St and Mt. Pleasant St)

Help our community come together to welcome back these displaced neighbors! (All events organized by the 3145 Mt. Pleasant Street Tenant Association)