Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bread & Brew Goes Vegan for Earth Day

Now this was a great little place. Well, its not so little. Bread & Brew is a newish green minded restaurant near Dupont Circle. They agreed to serve a totally vegan menu for Earth Day. I was not disappointed. Neither were the dozens (maybe hundreds?) of others who flooded the place from happy hour until closing at 11:00pm.

B&B is located at 1247 20th St NW. The 42 bus stop at N and Connecticut is closest. The space used to house a sports bar, but now is inhabited by this company which stresses fresh ingredients, creative cooking by the chef and local products. The menu pre-Earth Day was fairly vegan friendly, but I gather they will begin to add more items to the established fare based on last night's turnout alone. We briefly talked to and congratulated the chef, who was making the rounds during a short break in the action. I'd love to get at least one main vegan dish on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are already plans to include vegan options for Saturday and Sunday Brunch.

The layout is cool; upstairs has a fast casual style of walk up ordering, while downstairs features a bar and table service seating. Not that we could move around much. The was the second event I've been to recently that was partially set up by Compassion Over Killing. The other was a visit to Astor Place for vegan pizza. And yes, B&B has vegan pizza too! Good work all around. Will definitely be paying a follow up visit.