Monday, April 20, 2009

Mt Pleasant in the Movies

Two people just told me to go see the movie State of Play within the last few days. Uhhh.... I am not that big of a Russell Gladiator Crowe fan. But, I was told Mt Pleasant has a few bit parts in the film. The film crew was in the neighborhood in March of 2008.

I'm told Russell Crowe's character lives in a flat above Heller's Bakery. And apparently some other choice, non-Fed, DC spots get screen time as well, including Ben's Chili Bowl and some of its employees. I like that! Remember Enemy of the State (lots of states, eh....)? Will Smith's friend gets run over by a fire truck in Dupont Circle in that movie. And he shops for lingerie in a rather un-Georgetown like lingerie shop, in Georgetown. But no Mount Pleasant.

Anyone seen this flick? I may go just to see the Mt Pleasant Street cameos. Also, I'm looking for other films that feature or filmed in Mt Pleasant. If you know of any, please send them along.