Monday, June 1, 2009

Calm Down, Yoga Coming to Mount Pleasant

A new yoga studio, Past Tense Studios, is planning to open on the northern tip of the Mount Pleasant St retail strip. The address is 3253 Mt P Street, NW. I suspect the building is owned by it's primary tenant, Habitat Real Estate. Habitat used to occupy the first floor space, but has been trying to rent it out for several months now. They still have offices on the second floor.

Past Tense (get it: past tense) may finally get me to become a yoga head. I have been toying with the idea for a while. Especially when so many of my friends participated in DC Yoga Week last month. The gym bores me and although I love bike riding, I should probably supplement it with another form of physical activity. Enter yoga. Everyone I know who does yoga LOVES yoga. And one fellow I know became an instructor after falling in love with yoga over the course of a year or so. Past Tense offer several different classes and don't seem too pie-in-the-sky for a newish yoga person, like me.

Maybe this is a sign. Yoga just blocks away from my home and right on the 42 bus line. And quite a plus for Mount Pleasant Street. Another new business not food or drink or laundromat related. Good luck to PT and maybe look for me there soon.