Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Circulator Still a Mystery for Some

Is it just me, or does the new Circulator route through Mt Pleasant seem like a little nugget of inside knowledge? The neighborhood blogging and transit communities are privy. So are a few downtown workers that gather at the Mt P and Columbia heights stops every morning. But otherwise, I don't think the masses realize how great this bus is or that it even exists.

There is absolutely no advertising for the new route. Some riders don't realize that the bus is limited stop once they get on. So far the drivers have been nice about dropping people off at the next corner when this occurs. Other potential riders are hesitant to get on or ask the driver about the route when waiting for the regular Metro bus at designated stops. The bus is almost always empty, even on days and during times when it should be packed. And those in the know are constantly talking up the bus while riding it, in my observations.

Once again, this bus is awesome. It has consistently run about every 10 minutes so far. All along a route of only 7 stops from Woodley Park to McPherson Sq. It runs until the Metro closes each night, and yes that means until 3AM on the weekends. It costs $1! That is a steal. And it's virtually an express bus. The new route connects with Metro Rail at several stations as welll as the east-west Circulator route. Yes, for some the infrequent stoppage is a problem. The regular Metro bus is still running for those folks. But for everyone else, please take advantage of the Circulator. Late DDOT know that they have hit upon a great idea and that we support it.