Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ticketmaster Disappoints at the Verizon Center

Well, this is a bummer for some of you. WTOP news is reporting that the upcoming Bruce Springsteen concert at the Verizon Center was oversold. That is, the ticketing agency sold too many premium level seats for the May 18th show. Those who purchased the oversold premium seats, which in effect didn't exist, are getting a refund for those seats and are being given a new seat in the 400 level, a bit away from their original seats. That's too bad. If you bought a premium seat, pray you don't get a call from TicketsNow (owned by Ticketmaster) in the next day or two. They're delivering the bad news as we speak. Not sure of the extent of the problem. WTOP says the number is in "the thousands."

I have always hated the online ticket buying experience. Scalpers seam to get an unfair share right off the bat. Concerts and shows are often sold out in seconds. If you've been in the "virtual waiting room," you know the meaning of frustration. And don't get me started on "convenience fees" and the secondary ticket market, which is now being dominated by some of the primary ticket sellers. Too bad for those of you who purchased the $100+ seats. At best, they'll put you on the first rows of the 400 level and not way, way up.