Wednesday, July 15, 2009

City Room Repost: Defending a Child

You see a parent physically disciplining a child on a crowded subway. You and other passengers stare, but no one says a word. The child is crying and the parent appears to get even angrier. They hit the child again. And again. You speak up.... What next?

This was the scenario written about in a recent City Room post (New York Times). I posed the question to some friends. The replies were diverse, insightful, enlightening and made for more questions than answers. Personally, I have thought about this issue so much since reading this article and discussing it with colleagues and friends. I continue to debate what the correct course of action would be. I'm sure this has happened on DC, Virginia and Maryland buses, trains, at stores, on sidewalks, and in other public places. What would I do if I came upon this? What would you do? And why?