Monday, August 10, 2009

Pizzeria Paradiso on the Move

Pizzeria Paradiso is moving!! But not far. My favorite pizza place in all of DC is moving the original Dupont location a few feet down P Street to a new, larger space. The second floor location now located at 2029 P Street NW can seat 35-40. Contrast that to the 100+ that can be seated in the Georgetown location. Hopefully the new shop's capacity is equivalent to the one at Georgetown. The new Dupont location will be at 2003 P Street NW, adjacent to Le Pain Quotidien. 2003 P St NW used to house The Bike Shop, if you recall. I nearly bought a bike there once several years ago. That's all I really remember about that place. Smelled like rubber inside.

The new Paradiso, which will open sometime this summer, will also house a Birreria Paradiso, like the Georgetown location. Birreria carries close to 100 bottled and draft beers (my fave: Victory Prima Pils) to go with your pizza selection. I don't try to match one with another. Beer + pizza. Can't go wrong if you try. For the vegans, yes! They do serve vegan pies, with or without soy cheese. The Pizzeria Paradiso web site has photo progress of the new space here. Pretty neat. Count me in as one of the first "new" customers to this new space.