Monday, August 24, 2009

Safeway Renovation Coming Along

Walk down Columbia Road from Mount Pleasant to Adams Morgan and you'll notice all the work going on at Safeway. Much of the interior has been repainted, or totally resurfaced, with earth color tones and new fixtures and shelving. The store at 1747 Columbia Road NW remains open during construction from 5AM-midnight each day. It was due for a makeover, or some would say total replacement. I shopped there when I first moved to Mount Pleasant. At the time it was the only large multi-department grocery within walking distance, save for the old Giant on 14th Street. Fast forward to 2009 and Safeway competes with Harris Teeter and the newer Giant on Park Road. And Safeway has now introduced new style stores with expanded offerings and self checkout, such as the City Vista Safeway at 5th an L Sts NW. We'll see if it's enough to lure me back in.