Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Science Club

Science Club had eluded me for years. I finally went last week. The restaurant and club is just blocks from Dupont Circle and the 42 bus line. Its at 1136 19th Street NW; not far from the Palm or Java Green. This place encompasses part of a row house. There is a bar and seating on the ground floor (more like a basement actually), more seating and another bar on the second level, and table service on the third floor. It was dark and moody inside, exactly how I imagined it from the outside. There is outside patio seating as well.

My friends painted a surly picture of Science Club to me; one of too many rude party boys and loud 21yo birthday girls, but we encountered attentive staff, chill fellow diners and a great atmosphere in general. The bonus is the food! There is an extensive vegan menu and I'm kicking myself for somehow not ever going here before. Tofu skewers and vegan burger are favorites. The fries, or frites, stack up with the city's best. Dinner will set you back though. That order of frites is $7 and entrées hover around the $12. Not too terribly out of line, but after an appetizer, entrée, dessert and drink, you might be looking at $30-$40 per person. However, the food was great and for a once in a while dining experience, worth it. I will have to venture back on a Friday or Saturday to see if Science lives up (or down) to the party hype.