Monday, September 21, 2009

Be the Band: Dupont Performance Art This Thursday

Here's a chance to be a part of art instead of just observing it. This Thursday some DC residents want you to help them help you liven up the last week of summer with a neat music experiment.

All you will need is a boombox. The imagination part has been taken care of by Bluebrain, a musical group comprised of two DC based brothers. They've written an instrumental song comprised of 30 separate tracks. The idea is that each boombox will get one of the tracks on a cassette. And when the cassettes are played together --in synchronicity-- the entire composition will be brought to life by the multiple boomboxes.

The boombox carrying mass will then travel the streets of DC until the the various tracks begin to diverge and an even more interesting effect is achieved. They hope. Bluebrain is not the first to try this. According to the duo, this type of performance has been done before, including by one of my all time favorite bands, the Flaming Lips.

The more boomboxes the better. Everyone will have a role! And this is just the type of event I love to see going on in the District. See, we can be creative, too! We may never shake the stuffy-no-life label, but let's try dammit. Here are the details:

Where: Dupont Circle (Metro stop --duh-- Dupont Circle; bus, uhm... the 42)
When: Thursday September 24, 7:30 pm SHARP
Who: Not required, but if you're sure you're coming RSVP at
Why: But is it art...? Yes! And you're making it!

(photo above by Dan C. courtesy of Victoria)