Sunday, October 4, 2009

Video: Crafty Bastards Breakdance Battle--The Finals

The b boy break dance battle has become quite the tradition at Crafty Bastards, the arts sale-fair in Adams Morgan. The fair itself was on point featuring many vendors who I've begun to recognize for their original work over the years. I thought there were more clothing and accessory options for men this time around, something I've lamented before. We like style, too! Hopefully there were more buyers than window shoppers.

Well, the break dance battle was held on the pit of an old play area of Marie Reed School. There was a bracketed elimination style tourney set up and the dancers were from all over the mid Atlantic; DC, Phila, VA Beach. This is the video of the final match up between two teams.

In related news The 42 Bus has just started a Vimeo video channel, where I'll be posting various videos. I'm still trying to figure out how else to be creative with it, so if you have ideas throw them my way. Thanks and enjoy the first video from The 42 Bus.

Crafty Bastards B Boy Battle '09: The Finals from The 42 Bus on Vimeo.