Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lunch Fever: More Street Food Please

Due diligence update: I went to Moaz Vegetarian after work yesterday an no, they weren't open. Looks close though, although that's a relative term. I don't know enough about opening restaurants, but I do know that if there aren't tables and chairs you can't serve food. Unless you run a pizza joint in AM. Anyway, as soon as I know, you'll know.

As for lunch in general, I'm obsessed. I work downtown an I'm always looking for new lunch options. I've tried upscale (Rasika), downscale (Safeway) and everything in between.

Three different veggie burritos choices, Chipotle, Qdoba and California Tortilla.

There are more places downtown to get good pad thai tofu than there are places to get a good coffee. Royal Thai, Absolute, Kanlaya, Thai Chili, and that's just on a two block stretch.

DC isn't known for great delis, but there are some deli-like establishments like Phillips and 1791.

I've even gotten a little creative and picked up lunch at a museum; National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Art, Newseum, etc.

Tried all food courts; Reagan Trade Center, National Eat Place, Union Station.

And all the places that defy description; Camille's, Market 2 Market, Clyde's on the Walk (RIP).

We have heaps of options.

Then there are the carts, the street food establishments. Last year, I went a little bananas over the cart options in Penn Quarter. There were several carts, all of which offered a vegan option and set up pretty close to each other. Now, not so much.

So here's the deal. I've never had food from the Fojol Brothers. But I want to. The offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and I hear good things. I really want them to come to Penn Quarter, Chinatown, Metro Center, where ever, as long as its downtown, say, east of the White House. I'll travel for good food.

If you haven't seen these guys, they drive around a silver van playing themed music and sporting mustaches. That's not a fair representation, but it's close. You can go to their website and request that they visit your neighborhood, so I did that. You should do the same, where ever you are. But especially if you work downtown. Then tell me if they make an appearance. Here's to making great lunch a priority.