Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank You Dupont Circle

Thank You Dupont Circle for a wonderful Sunday afternoon. To the painter who practiced her craft, talked up strangers, and sold a few pieces while we watched on. To the fixed gear biker; you looked so lost until we realized you were just waiting for your girlfriend. To the family of the polka dotted two year old who ran around, fell down, cried, got back up and did it all over again. Thanks.

To the older fellow sitting next to me with the ginormous headphones on and corduroy sports coat. To the single dad with the baby wrapped in a snuggie, that was great. I know it wasn't actually a snuggie, but it looked like a snuggie. To the group of bakers and cooks who literally had a potluck right in front of us, thanks. To the couple taking their engagement photos; not sure why you liked having complete strangers in your photos, but you liked like you were in love.

To the chess players who are there every Sunday, thanks. To the Photography 101 student, the Art Foundation 101 student and the "this art class is just my electives requirement" student. To the late summer hold out weather and setting sun. To the guy playing 60s pop on a huge old speaker and record player thank you. To the catty girls in Saturday night going out clothes, we love you. To stroller walkers, dog walkers and power walkers, thanks. To my friends who took it all in, talked about our favorite TV shows, people watched, judged from afar, laughed at ourselves, recalled memories, and lamented the summer's end, thanks.

I love DC. More days like yesterday please.