Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First You See Him. Now You Don't: Gilbert Gone

In a bit of not so transparent PR maneuvering, the Washington Wizards have decided not to feature one of its star players in a banner on the Verizon Center. Gilbert Arenas, he of the recent gun play allegations, has been indefinitely suspended from playing in the NBA. He's forfeiting a salary of $147,000 per game during the suspension.

Yeah, one hundred forty seven thousand dollars per game. There are 82 games in the NBA season. Wow. Big mistake (allegedly). Anyway, the Wizards are apparently done with him and recently removed a banner with Arenas' likeness and the words "character, commitment, connection" from the 6th Street NW facade of the Verizon Center. It was replaced with a banner that features three other players. In the new banner they aren't even playing basketball, they're "giving back to the community." Image is everything. And by everything I mean money.

Banner photos; before, during and after the fiasco.