Friday, January 15, 2010

The New K Street?

The new K Street NW is looking more and more like a reality. Recent changes in federal transit funding disbursement rules mean that the District's plan to reform the often clogged east-west letter street may happen sooner than later.

The District's plan would mean the entirety of K Street NW from Washington Circle to Mount Vernon Square would be completely reconfigured from sidewalk to sidewalk. The dreaded "access lanes" on each side would be eliminated. In the center of the roadway, two lanes, specifically meant for buses. One eastbound an one westbound. These lanes would be for buses only; Metrobus, Circulator, maybe the various commuter charter buses. Hopefully not tour buses. Or maybe they should be allowed, too-why not. If and when we ever figure how to construct a streetcar system, they would be able to use the center lane as well. I see these lanes getting as clogged as the regular lanes are now.

The main idea behind the bus only lane is about moving buses in a more efficient manner though downtown. If that happens, supposedly more people will ride the buses, taking cars off the road, bettering the environment.

Fed funding decisions will be announced in mid-late February. If the District gets the funding for K Street, construction could begin late this year. Great, more construction! But his should be worth the stretch. Fingers crossed!