Monday, February 8, 2010

Reasons to Be Car Free in DC #12: Snowed In + Dig Out!

Walking around on Saturday was a blast. Not a worry in the world for most of us. Lots of snowball fights, walking in the streets, sledding and snow-football. Sunday, uh, not so much. Digging out was the theme of the day. Walking around, surveying Mount Pleasant, I saw dozens of people with shovels, scrapers and brooms digging out their cars. Not that the roads were passable, but people have to work, travel and live. Saw lots of neighbors working together as well, in teams.

One person who was not digging out a car was me. I would have gladly helped out any of you who needed, but most of you looked like you were having fun. The only shoveling I did this weekend was of food into my mouth while watching the Super Bowl. C'est la vie for a northeastern snow town, which is what we've become over the last few months, apparently. With more snow to come! I love it.