Monday, March 22, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The most wonderful time of the year in DC is not winter. It's spring! And it's not all about the cherry blossoms. Although I do appreciate their emergence as well. You could almost feel the shift happening last weekend. Dining alfresco at Don Juan, people seriously talking about baseball, reading books on the grass in Dupont, seeing a full upper level of the double-decker tour buses. I had the chance to visit a new coffee shop (review coming soon) and generally enjoy walking around town for no good reason.

Snow is becoming a distant memory and we'll be seeing street sweepers before snow plows at this rate. Soon, throwing on some cargo shorts and flip flops will look like prudent clothing choices, not laziness and wearing next to nothing on your way to the club will start making a little more sense each day. Cheers to the real most wonderful time of the year, DC in the spring! Make the most of it.