Friday, May 21, 2010

Bike to Work, Rally Home

May is National Bike Month. And today is Bike to Work Day. Washington Area Bicyclist Association is obviously playing a large role today, hosting several events. Since most of us are commuting towards downtown Washington and not the other direction, most of the action is focused there or at least headed that way.

The Mount Pleasant bike convoy will depart for downtown DC from Lamont Park at 7:30AM. Like the other convoys, it will end at Freedom Park (14th and Penn Ave NW, in front of the Wilson Building). There will be refreshments, some giveaways, lots of other bikers and a few speakers. I think Fenty was there last year?

After a hard days work, get back on that bike and head home. If you're coming back to Mount P, make a short detour over to our neighbors in Columbia Heights for a WABA sponsored end of day-start of weekend rally. That's at the 14th and Park Plaza.

There are more and more bikers sharing the road, not just in DC, but in urban, suburban and rural areas all over the U.S. Yes, the bike-vs-car story is so old and there have been so many stories and hyperbole over that issue. But events like today's bike to work day are a positive way to reinforce that bike transport is pretty much here to stay in the United States and we should do our best to accommodate riders, promote bike friendly policy and ensure safety of drivers and bike riders. Be open to making that happen. Good riding people.