Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crash Closes Library, Fabio Still Standing

Only days after opening, the Mount Pleasant interim Library is closed after being run into. An SUV hit the back of the Library at 3162 Mount Pleasant Street NW at the hands of an (allegedly) drunk driver.

Walked by last night and, yeah, there is a pretty big whole in the rear of the building. Definitely doesn't look safe at the moment and word is the library will be closed for about a week. To the driver: 2:30pm? Come on. DWI at 2:30 and you wrecked a library. Nice. Nice and terrible.

In the photos here, the vehicle pictured is not the one which stuck the building. There were a few workers clearing brick and other debris from the alley at the time.

On another library note, I went to Old City Cafe for some falafel and to check out the book exchange set up by the District Library Dynamos (in response to the smaller temp library). There were two low bookcases with a wide range of books. Lots of dime store paperback novels, a few travel guides, a fair amount of reference books and FABIO.