Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Storefront Opening for a Change: Revo Nails

Amid the seemingly endless closing notices I've had to report over the last few years, there are always a few "openings." It's not all gloom and doom for Mount Pleasant Street. There are vacancies, yes, but the strip is still viable for investment for retail or even institutional purposes. The residential sector seems to be taking care of itself.

Revo Nails opened just over one month ago at 3161 Mount Pleasant Street NW, next to Rose Jewelers. It replaced a generic checks cashed business, which I believe actually went by the name "Checks Cashed." I mean, really. I'm opening a business called "Meals Cooked." No, I kid.

I've never gotten a pedi. Or a mani. For the cosmetically challenged those are short for pedicure and manicure. Any idea about this place? Not sure if they offer other salon-like services like haircut or wash. If you've been, please add your 2-cents. Glad to be reporting on a new business on our main street. Cheers to Revo and good luck.