Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Metro Signs Point the Way to Mount Pleasant

A few months ago I posited a suggestion regarding changing the name of Columbia Heights Station to include Mount Pleasant. According to the results of that poll, you were pretty evenly split! However, it seemed unlikely that the name of that station would be changed anytime soon.

But (h/t to DCist!), as we have discovered, that doesn't mean Metro can't point the way to Mount Pleasant using signage inside the station. Here you see overheard signage on the mezzanine level of the Columbia Heights Metro station. All riders exiting the station walk underneath these signs. One points eastward towards Pleasant Plains: I'm curious to see what those folks think about the addition. And the other sign points westward to our very own Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

Nice addition by Metro. I would rather have this as an outcome than changing the name of the station outright. Can't speak for Pleasant Plains, but I think the Mt Pleasant signage is pretty straight forward. Exit the station via the west escalators and continue down Irving Street. 2 and 1/2 blocks later, there you go: Mount Pleasant Street NW. Seemingly no negative consequences for Mount P or Columbia Heights as a result of this move. Now if they could keep those escalators and air conditioning running on a semi consistent basis: I'd cheer for that.