Monday, July 12, 2010

Throwing Rocks Tonight: Lucky Strike

I visited Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in Penn Quarter for the first time a few weeks ago. I love bowling, but had stayed away from Lucky Strike for different reasons over the years. It opened in the Gallery Place retail development to semi controversy in late 2005. The extensive dress code really irked some Washingtonians and just didn't seem very bowling alley-like. But eventually that sentiment (and some of the dress code) faded away and to me, it was just known as the expensive bowling place.

Lucky Strike is cool for what it really is; a big bar and lounge with bowling on the side, literally. Like an old school alley, there is lots of beer. Unlike an old school alley, they're all fairly pricey, even for the cheap stuff. And very much like an old school alley, vegan food is virtually non existent on the menu. Not a surprise though.

As it happened, I was being treated to almost everything that day, so I barely spent any money at all. If you're going, try to go under these circumstances. From what I understand, you will have a much better time.

We went during the early afternoon on a weekday, so waiting it out for a lane wasn't necessary. Sweet. In most lame establishments with lame dress codes, you often wonder how the codes of dress and conduct never seems to apply to employees. But, that wasn't the case here. Everyone was pretty good to us all around, even when the lane broke (lots of technological hang ups, I gather). They even had an early World Cup game on the huge TVs above the end of each lane. Multitasking: even at the bowling alley. Bowl, watch. Bowl, watch. Cool.

Outside of another very nice person gifting me a night at this place, I probably wouldn't need to go again. Glad I went this one time though. I saw what I had been missing these last five years. Lucky Strike Lanes is not to be confused with Strike Bethesda in Maryland. Totally different. Lucky Strike is located on the second floor of 701 7th Street NW, at G St.

Wondering if this guy's ever tested the dress code.... (one NSFW word at the very end!)