Monday, September 20, 2010

Bread and Puppets at St. Stephens

Our friends Puppet Underground are back with Vermont's Bread and Puppet theater.  You may have encountered Puppet Underground at the Las Posadas or Chilly Day Cabaret  performances of last winter. They seem to come through NW DC two or three times a year.  This time they are performing at St. Stephen's church across the street from Mt Pleasant at 16th and Newton.

The Decapitalization Circus will be here next Tuesday and Wednesday, September 28-29. Performances are at 7pm each day.  There is a sliding scale for donations --$5 to $15-- although I can't imagine anyone will be turned away, per the usual policy.  

The description from Bread and Puppet:

"The Decapitalization Circus demonstrates in numerous death-defying stunts the phantastic effects of the capitalization of life in the U.S. and citizens’ courageous efforts of decapitalization. The performers represent the whole scale of the social spectrum from benign billionairism to despicable homeless anti-social-elementarianism. All the acts are FDA and FBI certified displays of patriotic correctness and defy all imaginable forms of terrorism. The Possibilitarians, a multi-instrumental variety ensemble, provide the appropriate-inappropriate sounds for the circus."